July 29, 2021

Tart Bites: Honey for Cheese (and Crackers)

Tart Bites: Honey for Cheese (and Crackers)

What happens when you drizzle honey over cheese and crackers? Magic.

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Have you seen a jar of Honey for Cheese and wondered whether it would be tasty? Wonder no more.

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Transcribed by Otter.ai; Lightly edited by Linda. Please forgive typos or grammar errors.

Episode 337 - Honey for Cheese (and Crackers)


Linda 00:00

Welcome to Tart Words. I'm your host, Linda Hengerer. And I'm a writer, a reader, and a baker. I talk to writers about their latest book and what inspires them, chat with fellow author Suzanne Fox about what writers can learn from reading their favorite authors, and share fast and easy recipes for anyone looking for a sweet treat. Join me as I share Tart Bites, Tart Thoughts, and Tart Words. 

Today on Tart Bites, I'm sharing my recipe for Honey for Cheese (and Crackers). 

Frequently when I’m in the grocery store I’ll see a food item I’d like to try or that gives me an idea for a recipe.

I saw a sweet little jar of Honey for Cheese from the Savannah Bee Company. I’m not sure I’d seen it before but thought I would give it a try. I love honey, I love cheese, how bad could it be?

Well, start the buzz, because putting honey on cheese was magic. The sweetness of the honey amplified the savory flavor of the aged white cheddar cheese, and the salty crunch of Triscuits was the perfect base for both.

I don’t know why I was so surprised at how adding the honey made the cheddar cheese and Triscuits taste so much better, but I was. Sometimes I’ll have an idea about what something will taste like, and while I’m occasionally disappointed, most often I’m happy with the results. This exceeded my expectations for a three-ingredient snack.

For a family holiday get-together a few years ago I roasted figs with Mike’s Hot Honey. I’m going to try roasting figs with Honey for Cheese and putting it over cheese and crackers. I’ll keep you posted when I do.


Honey for Cheese (or the honey you have on hand)

Cheese of choice


I put a few Triscuits on a plate, topped them with sliced aged white cheddar cheese, and drizzled Honey for Cheese on top.

Fast, easy, and more delicious than you’ll believe from just three ingredients. 

This might become your new go-to sweet/salty/crunchy treat!

Linda 02:05

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