Tara Lush


Tara Lush is a Rita Award finalist, an Amtrak writing fellow, and a George C. Polk Award-winning journalist. For the past decade, she's been a reporter with the Associated Press, covering crime, alligators, natural disasters, and politics. She also writes contemporary romance set in tropical locations. A fan of vintage pulp-fiction book covers, Sinatra-era jazz, and 1980s fashion, she lives with her husband and two dogs on the Gulf coast.

May 23, 2021

Tara Lush

In this episode, Linda Hengerer talks with Tara Lush about Grounds for Murder, the first book in her new Coffee Shop series, coffee, a coffee tour in St. Petersburg that helped Tara with research for her cozy mystery series, and writing as a journalist versus as a fiction author.

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