April 24, 2021

Tart Bites: Cream Cheese & Olives

Tart Bites: Cream Cheese & Olives

Cream Cheese & Olives is a fast and easy, two-ingredient dish, suitable for snacking or a light lunch.

Cream Cheese & Olives is a family favorite, and easy to make; you'll be snacking in no time! Out of crackers? Use celery as a boat for the cream cheese and olives.

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Episode 118 - Cream Cheese and Olives


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Welcome to Tart Words. I'm your host, Linda Hengerer. And I'm a writer, a reader and a baker. I talk to writers about their latest book and what inspires them, chat with fellow author Suzanne Fox about what writers can learn from reading their favorite authors, and share fast and easy recipes for anyone looking for a sweet treat. Join me as I share Tart Bites, Tart Thoughts, and Tart Words. 

Welcome to Tart Bites. 

Today I'm making cream cheese and olives. I remember my mother making sandwiches in the car when we were driving from New Jersey to Maine to visit my great-grandparents. 

Having sandwiches in the car cut down on the time we needed to stop, so the long drive wasn’t as long as it might have been. From our home in Old Bridge to Rangeley took about ten hours, which is plenty long enough for one day’s drive.

Cream cheese and olives was a good car food. It didn’t make a mess, like peanut butter and jelly could. It was dense and easy to spread and stayed cold in the cooler. 

Over the years we have made cream cheese and olives for most family gatherings and for general eating. Putting olives on top of cream cheese is better than nothing, but not quite the same as having the olives infuse the cream cheese with flavor. 

Notes: I use the 1/3 reduced-fat cream cheese (Neufchatel). It’s softer to start with and makes it easier to mix in the olives at room temp. I also add a teaspoon or two of olive juice, to amp up the olive flavor. This is optional, according to your taste.


Cream Cheese, softened to room temperature (I usually use one 8oz package)

Olives, chopped (to taste)

Olive juice - Optional 

In a bowl, combine all ingredients. Refrigerate after combining.

I put this on toasted English muffins for breakfast or lunch, Triscuits for a snack (let’s face it, I eat it for lunch or dinner, too), and on bread as a sandwich.

This family favorite is delicious any time, any way! 

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